Annual Basic Safety Training

Please read entire training module. At the bottom of each page is a link to the next page. At the end of the training module, you will be instructed to complete a test. To receive credit for the training, you must pass the test (85%) and register.

If at any time, you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact SEM at 581-4055.

Safety Policies are in Place for Your Benefit

Safety policies are important so you can go home safe and unharmed. Not only do state and federal regulations require employers to provide safe working conditions, but the University is committed to protecting all members of the university community. By helping you to identify and eliminate hazards; assisting or conducting safety training; developing and providing written procedures; we help you to keep it safe.

Image of PoliciesThe SEM website has a listing of safety policies, procedures and programs to help you do your job safely. If you have concerns about the safety in your work area, consult with your Supervisor, safety coordinator, or SEM at 581-4055.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Every employee of the University of Maine has certain rights and responsibilities. Together we all work to achieve a safe and healthful workplace.

Your Rights
Your Responsibilities
  • A safe workplace free from serious hazards
  • When serious hazards are recognized, you have the right to stop work and contact your supervisor
  • Information to protect you from the hazards that cannot be eliminated
  • Classroom or on-the-job training
  • Medical treatment for workplace injuries or illnesses
  • To access your occupational exposure records and occupational medical records
  • Work safely and report unsafe conditions to your supervisor
  • Follow University Policies and Procedures
  • Participate in required training
  • Notify supervisor immediately of all accidents and near-misses and unsafe conditions
Tobacco-Free Campus

In staying committed to a safe and healthy work environment for the entire campus community, the University of Maine has adopted a tobacco-free policy. For more information, please review the Tobacco-Free Policy.

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