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The Safety & Environmental Management (SEM) Department supports the University's mission by providing training, guidance and consultation services to all members of the University Community on matters related to safety and environmental health. SEM policies are drafted to foster a safe and healthful campus environment and to comply with various regulatory requirements.

The SEM Staff works with a network of Safety Coordinators to foster an attitude of safety and environmental awareness within the University Community. The Department also serves as a liaison to local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, governing safety and environmental health.

Our Staff

Administration / SEM Contact Person, 581-4055

  • Billing
  • Purchases and Payroll
  • Web Page Coordinator

Director, 581-4055

  • Accident Reporting and Investigations
  • Campus Regulatory Liaison
  • Chair of Safety and Environmental Management Committee
  • Safety and Environmental Policies

Associate Director, 581-3037

  • Biological Safety Officer
  • Environmental Management
  • Hazardous Material Transportation
  • Hazardous Waste Regulations

Industrial Hygienist, 581-4087

  • Annual Chemical Inventory & Reporting
  • Chemical Hygiene Officer
  • Indoor Air Quality Tests and Exposure Monitoring
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Industrial Hygiene Program
  • Laboratory Safety Management
  • Laboratory Hazards/Inspections
  • Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaires
  • Respiratory Protection

Radiation Safety Officer, 581-4057

  • Employee Injury/Illness Recordkeeping Program
  • Laser Safety Program
  • Radioactive Waste Management
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring and Reporting
  • Radiation Licensing and Authorizations
  • Radiation Safety Program

Dive Safety Officer, 563-3146 or 581-3321- Ext. 232

  • Scientific Diving
  • Boat Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Darling Marine Center:
    • Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management
    • Emergency Management
    • First Aid/CPR Training
    • Other related training

Safety Officer, 581-4056

  • DOL/OSHA Program Management:
    • Confined Space
    • Fall Protection
    • Hazard Communication
    • Incident Investigations
    • Lockout/Tagout
    • Personal Protective Equipment (assessments)
    • Shop/Remote Site Inspections and Audits

Facility Emergency Coordinator, 581-4071

  • Emergency Response and Emergency Action Plans
  • Event Planning Review
  • Facility Emergency Coordinator
  • Fire Prevention Program
  • Life Safety Codes
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Special Event Planning

Life Safety System Inspector, 581-4055

  • Building Surveys
  • Evacuation Signage

Hazardous Materials Assistant, 581-4077

  • Fume Hood Certifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Hazardous Waste Collection and Handling
  • Hazardous Waste Minimization and Redistribution
  • Satellite Accumulation/Universal Waste Area Inspection Records
  • Waste Determinations
  • Waste Site Operation, Inspection, and Inventory

Safety Training Coordinator, 581-4088

  • Training Scheduling and Announcements
  • Training Records
  • Workstation Assessment Requests
  • Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing
  • Training Web Page Coordinator

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