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AEWC Receives International Certification to Help Companies Develop New Products Print E-mail

(June 6, 2003) UMaine Press Release
Structural and materials tests performed by the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites (AEWC) Center at the University of Maine have received an international stamp of approval that will help companies develop new products. The International Accreditation Service (IAS), Inc. has certified AEWC as a laboratory that meets standards for 47 different tests of plastics, wood products, composites, adhesives and structural panels and assemblies.

UMaine Press Release 

Manufactured maritime materials Print E-mail

(November-December 2002) UMaine Today
Some of the U.S. Coast Guard's aging marine facilities in the Northeast will get a face-lift using some of the newest building materials available as the result of research at The University of Maine.

UMaine Today


The Amazing Adventures of ‘Superwood’ Print E-mail

Composite Research is Adding Muscle to Maine’s Mild-Mannered Timbers (February-March, 2002) UMaine Today

Technology at The University of Maine is transforming the state's lower-grade wood species into “super wood” — new value-added building materials. Engineers and wood scientists at UMaine's Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center (AEWC) are developing new materials by combining wood with space-age plastics, such as fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs).

UMaine Today 

Space-age Gavels Print E-mail

In the latest session of the Maine legislature, at least nine wooden gavels were broken in the House of Representatives by House Speaker Michael Saxl as he pronounced votes on bills and other matters.

UMaine Today 

The Pier of the Future Print E-mail

It is one thing for a student to get hands-on experience in field construction and another to be a project manager overseeing construction of Maine's first wood composite commercial pier.

UMaine Today 

Composite Strength Print E-mail

June 2, 2000 


Voters who two years ago supported the state's first attempt to fuel its university system with money for research and development now can see their investment in action. The University of Maine's new wood-composite lab melds Maine's traditional natural- resource-based economy with a high-tech future.

The State Of Composites Print E-mail

Materials Made By Combining Several Others, Are Becoming Big Business In Maine 

July 21, 1998

By L. Mercedes Wesel

David Patch imagines a town in Midcoast Maine known not for lobster, loons or moose, but as a living laboratory for modern construction materials.

In Patch's vision, the bridge leading into town is made of a material that is stronger than wood, lighter than steel and lasts longer than either. The poles for the power lines are fiberglass.

Making magic with wood UM professor engineers feats with composites Print E-mail

August 21, 1997

By Susan Young
Carefully perched on a rock, Habib Dagher tapped away at the keys of a laptop computer balanced on steel rods protruding from a small wooden bridge. A piece of plastic shower curtain, decorated with a colorful children's motif, shielded him from the pouring rain.

Not exactly the glamorous life some would expect of the head of a nationally renowned research program. But for Dagher, director of the University of Maine's Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center, it's just another day of data collection.

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