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First Floating Wind Turbine In The U.S. Deploys In Maine Print E-mail

The first floating wind turbine in U.S. history went upright and onto the water in Brewer, Maine, on Friday, on its way to being put in place and connected to the grid off the coast near the town of Castine.

The 65-foot-tall VolturnUS 1:8 prototype is a small-scale model of the giant 6-megawatt turbines the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center and its partners in the DeepCWind Consortium hope to have in the water someday. Deep-water wind supporters in Maine believe that by 2030 they can grab 5 gigawatts of power with arrays of large turbines up to 50 miles off the coast, away from conflicts and where the winds blow strong and consistent.

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Generating electric power courtesy of the sea Print E-mail

(CBS News) NEW YORK - As we head into another season of air conditioning bills, there's an alternative source of energy picking up speed: harnessing wind power. One pilot program which is off the ground and out to sea.

With a christening on the Penobscot River, VolturnUS was launched -- the nation's first floating turbine intended to make electricity from the ocean's winds.

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A Floating Wind Tower Is Launched in Maine Print E-mail

One reason that offshore wind has not caught on in the United States is the steep cost of erecting a tower in the water, but researchers at the University of Maine tried another approach on Friday by launching a floating wind machine. It is the first offshore wind installation in United States waters, according to the Energy Department, which helped pay for it.

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Prototype offshore wind turbine launched in Maine Print E-mail

BREWER, Maine (AP) — What's called the first grid-connected offshore floating wind turbine in North America is being launched.

The 65-foot-tall turbine being deployed Friday is a prototype that's one-eighth the size of a full-scale wind turbine the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center hopes to launch in 2016. The new floating turbine, called the VolturnUS, was built by the Cianbro construction company at its site, near Bangor.

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First floating wind turbine in North America hits the water in Brewer Print E-mail

BREWER, Maine — VolturnUS, the first offshore floating wind turbine in North America, hit the water Friday.

The University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center unveiled its new turbine at Cianbro in Brewer, where the pieces were assembled and placed in the Penobscot River. A crane lowered the turbine into the water during a ceremony late Friday morning.

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VolturnUS 1:8-scale Launch on May 31st Print E-mail

Click to View Live Streaming of VolturnUS Launch Event (Active May 31st at 11:00 AM EST)


General Event Information:

The University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center's launch of VolturnUS 1:8, the first grid-connected offshore wind turbine to be deployed off the coast of North America, will be held at Cianbro, 517 South Main Street, Brewer, Maine on May 31, 2013. This event begins at 11 am and lasts until 1 PM. 

The VolturnUS technology is the culmination of over five years of collaborative R&D conducted by the University of Maine-led DeepCwind Consortium. The DeepCwind Consortium Research Program is a unique public-private partnership funded by the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation-Partnerships for Innovation, the Maine Technology Institute, the State of Maine, the University of Maine, and over 30 industrial partners. Data acquired during the 2013 deployments off Castine, Maine, will be used to optimize the design of UMaine’s patent-pending VolturnUS floating wind turbine system. The program goal is to reduce the cost of offshore wind to 10 cents/kWh by 2020, in order to compete with other forms of electricity generation without subsidies. This launch celebrates an important milestone in the development of a cost-effective, job-creating, innovative U.S. offshore wind technology.

Click here to RSVP to this event.

To download the draft agenda for May 31st, please click here. (PDF, 268 KB)

To generate Google Maps driving directions to Cianbro Constructors, please click here (redirects to Google Maps website) and enter your starting address.

Press Information: 

To download a press release for the VolturnUS launch, please click here (PDF, 197 KB).
Please contact Elizabeth Viselli to request a press pass (contact information follows).

Press Kit:

To download our full press kit for the VolturnUS launch, please click here. This press kit includes the press release, photos of the VolturnUS 1:8, and photos of the May 31st launch celebration*.
*Photos of the launch celebration will be available in this press kit after 2 PM, May 31st, 2013. 

Press contact:

Elizabeth Viselli, Manager, Offshore Wind Programs and Global Communications
Advanced Structures and Composites Center, University of Maine
Email: elizabeth.viselli (at) umit.maine.edu
Mobile: (207) 907-6962

UMaine unveils unique base for floating wind turbine that could provide glimpse into future Print E-mail
ORONO, Maine — The University of Maine unveiled the floating platform of VolturnUS, a one-of-a-kind offshore wind turbine that officials hope will shape the future of energy in Maine, during a ceremony Wednesday.

Read More: Bangor Daily News
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