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THe Milbridge Municipal PierThe Town of Milbridge Municipal Pier is constructed with a Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP)- reinforced glulam wood structural slab. The project goals were to save construction time, reduce maintenance costs and protect and strengthen the wood. While the reinforced slabs weigh only 1/3 as much as prestressed concrete, they have the same strength and stiffness. This advantage is particularly significant in waterfront construction, which requires the use of heavy barges to lift prestressed concrete panels. 33 Vertically Laminated Glulam Deck Panels (21.5 ft x 4 ft x 10.5 in)



  • Year Constructed: Fall 2000
  • Length: 175 ft.
  • Width: 16 ft.
  • Design Live Load: HS20
  • Wood Species:  NA
  • FRP Tensile Strength: 60 ksi
  • FRP Tensile Modulus: 5.5 Msi
  • FRP Material Suppliers:  NA

Sponsored by: Federal Highway Administration Innovative Bridge Researchand Construction Program, Maine Department of Transportation


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