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delta_strand.jpgDeltaStrand lumber is  a new structural composite lumber product developed at  AEWC . DeltaStrand is made from four-foot long logs which are reduced into triangular strands approximately 3/8” high/wide which are reconstituted into a structural composite using exterior-grade adhesive. The triangular shape allows for satisfactory consolidation of the composite in spite of the relatively large strand size, thereby minimizing void space and increasing density. Unlike existing SCL products which rely on significant densification of low-to-medium density species to achieve their enhanced mechanical properties, TSL can be made from higher density hardwood species such as maple, birch and beech, all abundant in Maine’s forests. Initial testing has projected design values that will allow TSL to compete in the SCL market. 

Allowable design values for DeltaStrand lumber are presented in an ICC Evaluation Report.




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