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The Materials Characterization Lab

Researchers at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center have the ability to probe the internal structure and properties of materials.  This allows forunderstanding of the fundamental properties of the material from the nano to macro scale. Technical capabilities include computer analysis, advanced visualization, and multiscale microscopy.  Equipment in the Materials Characterization Lab includes:

Atomic Force Microscope

afm.jpgThe AFM is used to take measurements of wood, fiber and wood polymer surface properties from micron scale down to nano-scale including long z-scan range above 25 microns to account for the microscope roughness of wood cellular structure.

X-Ray Microtomography

xray.jpgThe internal three dimensional structure of materials can be nondestructively imaged at resolutions down to 2.4µm. Computerized image analysis permits identification of void structure and phase separations.

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer
dmta.jpgRheometric Scientific DMTA-IV, computer-controlled, frequencies of 0.001 Hz to 200 Hz, temperature range of 150 °C to 600 °C, displacement amplitudes from 0.5 to 128 microns. Used to determine physical material properties through tension, compression, three-point-bending, shear, and single- and dual-cantilever testing
Thermogravimetric Analyzer
tga.jpg Mettler Toledo TGA, determining for the weight changes in relation to change in temperature. Such analysis relies on a high degree of precision in weight, temperature, and temperature change up to 1,100°C.
Inverse Gas Chromatograph
Inverse Gas Chromatograph (IGC)
Surface Measurement Systems (SMS) IGC, an advanced instrument for the characterization of particulates, fibers and thin films. IGC gives information of surface chemistry, surface adsorption and bulk properties.
Quintek Vertical Density Profiler
VDP image
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