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The Ferryhill BridgeThe Ferry Hill Bridge is a 450-ft-long multispan structure with a reinforced-concrete deck. The deck was replaced in 1992. The new deck consists of two different designs constructed side by side to compare their performance. A 295-ft-long section of the bridge deck was designed using the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) specifications. The remaining 155-ft long section of the deck was designed using 45 percent less reinforcement than required by AASHTO. This can be done because bridge decks carry loads by arching rather than bending action. The bridge was instrumented at 28 locations to compare rebar strains in the two deck sections. Following 7 years of service, the maximum measured stress in the rebars under HS25 design trucks was less than 5.9 ksi. Visual inspections show no difference in performance between the two deck sections. 



  • Year Constructed: 1992
  • Length: 450 ft.
  • Width: 46.67 ft.
  • Design Live Load: HS25
  • Wood Species: NA
  • FRP Tensile Strength: NA
  • FRP Tensile Modulus: NA
  • FRP Material Suppliers: NA

Sponsored by: Maine Department of Transportation


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