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The Gray Bridge ConstructionThe Gray Bridge consists of a stress-laminated deck structure using CCA-treated #2 or better 2x14 rough-sawn Eastern Hemlock laminations. These laminations were placed on edge side by side across the span. High-strength steel bars were placed through prebored holes in the laminations and post-tensioned. The interlaminar friction thus generated allows the deck to act as an orthotropic plate. A 7-year monitoring report is available, which shows excellent performance of the bridge.



  • Year Constructed: 1991
  • Length: 23 ft.
  • Width: 23.67 ft.
  • Design Live Load: HS20-44
  • Wood Species: CCA-Treated Eastern Hemlock
  • FRP Tensile Strength: NA
  • FRP Tensile Modulus: NA
  • FRP Material Suppliers: NA

Sponsored by: US Department of Agriculture Wood in Transportation Initiative, Maine Department of Transportation


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