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Lagana R, Muszynski L, Shaler SM 2004. "Mechano-Sorptive Properties of Red Spruce (Picea Rubens, Sarg.) in Compression Parallel to Grain", Interaction of Wood with Various Forms of Energy.

The mechano-sorptive (MS) compliance of red spruce (Picea rubens, Sarg.) was determined in compression parallel to the grain. A method similar to one developed for measurement of the behavior in tension parallel to the grain was used (MUZSINSKY et al. 2004). Specifically, a non-contact imaging technique was used to measure strains resulting from 1) free shrinkage/swelling, while miniature LVDT was used to measure 2) creep at constant climate and 3) creep at cyclic climate, on matched specimens during 18-hour creep tests. The climate cycles were started either at low (7 %) or at high (17 %) equilibrium moisture content condi-tions. Double fixed-fixed thin specimens (130 mm 25 mm 1.6 mm, lrt) taken from sapwood of a single log were loaded in compression at 25mm unsupported length. Applied stress levels on specimens were either 30 % or 50 % of the green compressive strength. Analysis showed no significant effect of stress level on mechano-sorptive compliance. The effect of initial moisture content was shown to be statistically significant at α level 0.05. At the initial moisture content of 17 % wood complied more than when at initial moisture content 7 %. The magnitude of the MS effect in compression was considerably higher than that measured in tension.
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