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Goodell B, Lopez-Anido R, Herzog B, Qian Y, Souza B. "Tooling for the Composites Pressure Resin Infusion System: ComPRIS", SAMPE Journal.

The Composites Pressure Resin Infusion System (ComPRIS) allows for the infusion of reinforcement materials and parts in the fabrication of polymer matrix composites and hybrid-laminated components. Pressure is used rather than vacuum to infuse the part, and the use of a unique permeable tooling component allows for fabrication without the trapping of air, producing uniform, void-free parts (< 0.20% void content) with a relatively high and consistent fiber volume fraction. The use of pressure permits a greater driving force to be produced during the infusion process compared to vacuum-based processes. Improved penetration of thick preforms, heavy-tow woven and non-woven fabric reinforcements, is therefore possible. The use of a permeable tooling layer also allows for the production of a high-strength, graded interphase bond region when hybrid laminated parts are produced using the ComPRIS process. The tooling layer may be removed from the final product or incorporated as a component of a hybrid laminated part.
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