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Cassidy E., Davids W., Dagher H., Gardner D. 2006. "Performance of wood shear walls sheathed with FRP-reinforced OSB Panels": 153 - 163.

This study addresses the development and structural testing of a hybrid sheathing panel designed to improve the lateral resistance of light wood-frame shear walls. The panel consists of thin outer sheets of oriented-strand board _OSB_ bonded to strips of fiber-reinforced polymer _FRP_ that are sandwiched between the OSB panels at the edges. The FRP-reinforced panel material selection and fabrication are summarized. Monotonic and cyclic tests were conducted to assess the performance of single-connector sheathing-to-framing connections using both OSB and FRP-reinforced OSB. Twenty-four full-scale shear walls were tested under monotonic and cyclic racking loads to determine the benefits of FRP-reinforced OSB to wall lateral load resistance. For a 102 mm perimeter nail spacing, FRP-reinforced OSB-sheathed walls exhibited increases in peak capacity and energy dissipation under cyclic loading of 27 and 73%, respectively, compared to walls sheathed with conventional OSB. Based on these experimental results, FRP-reinforced OSB panels appear to have significant potential for increasing the energy dissipation capacity and lateral load resistance of wood-frame structures subjected to extreme lateral loads. However, their full utilization will require higher strengths for critical shear wall components such as tension ties and framing interconnections, as well as improvements in sheathing-to-framing fastener performance.
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