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Collins W., Fischetti D., Dagher H., Sanchez O., DiCarlantonio D.. "Tohickon aqueduct: demonstrating fiber-reinforced polymers in a state park heritage timber structure", Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Engineered Wood Composites.

The Tohickon Aqueduct is a heritage structure in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that was rebuilt to carry the historic Delaware Canal more than 220 feet, in three spans over the Tohickon Creek. The project was completed in June 2001 as a local-state-federal partnership to improve aesthetics and to extend the life of a heritage investment within a state park by demonstrating modern timber products as the primary structural material of a traditional Burr Truss aqueduct. Approximately one third (24 total) of the transverse beam members within the bridge were fabricated with fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) for the purpose of monitoring this application under extended duration of a “uniform load,” as created by the unique field conditions of a working aqueduct filled with water. The monitoring regime was designed to measure “creep” of the FRP material as a function of deflection over time.
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