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Dagher HJ, Bragdon MM, Lindyberg RF 2002. "Advanced fiber-reinforced polymer-wood composites in transportation applications", Transportation Research Board National Research Council: 237-242.

Six wood-fiber-reinforced polymer (FRO) composite projects have been conducted over the past decade with three types of technologies developed at the University of Maine. The three featured technologies are (a) tension-reinforced glulam beams with preconsolidated E-glass FRP (GFRP) panels, (b) tension-reinforced glulam beams and panels with wet-impregnated E-glass fabrics, and (c) stress-laminated lumber using GFRP tendons. Through these six demonstration projects, it has been shown that properly designed wood-FRO composites are structurally feasible, durable, and cost-effective in selected applications.
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