The Modular Ballistic Protection System

panel_installation.jpgThe Modular Ballistic Protection System (MBPS), developed in the Advanced Structures and Composites Center laboratories in partnership with the US Natick Army Soldier RD&E Center, provides soldiers with enhanced ballistic protection where it never existed before - in their tents where they work, eat, and sleep.  The system consists of composite ballistic panels that are mounted to the inside of the tent frame using an energy-absorbing connection system.  Requiring no tools, the MBPS can be used to up-armor a 20ft x 32ft tent in less than 30 minutes with 4 soldiers.


mbps.jpgMBPS has recently won two of the composites industry's highest awards - the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) Best of Show Award for the best product of the year and the People's Choice Award for the highest degree of design, innovation and the best use of composite materials.





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  • Paul Curtis, Keenan Goslin and Ashley Towers