Composite Materials Manufacturing

colortronic_blending_unit.jpgThe Advanced Structures and Composites Center has capacities for manufacturing and prototyping products, including resin infusion, filament winding, compression molding and injection molding as well as two comprehensive pilot plants, one for Strand Composites and the other for Composites Extrusion.  The Strand Composites Pilot Plant enables companies to develop and test strand composite products in a comprehensive facility with state of the art manufacturing capacity while having access to the globally recognized expertise of our faculty and staff.  The Composites Extrusion Pilot Plant is an integral component in both funded research and industrial assistance.  World leading Wood Plastic Composites  scientists at the Center work with conventional thermoplastics and specialty reinforced composites incorporating wood and natural fiber or nano-particle reinforced composites.  Additionally, the Polymer and Interface Science Laboratory contains equipment for producing hybrid blends of polymer melts and liquid suspensions.