Machining Area

The Advanced Structures and Composites Center has an assortment of machining equipment for fabricating test specimens, wood components and metal parts.  One of the foremost pieces of equipment is the abrasive water jet system.  This piece of equipment is extremely useful for cutting composite test coupons without damaging the material.  Another key piece of composites machining equipment is the wet saw.  The wet saw uses its diamond toothed blade to cut composite panels that are too large to fit into the water jet.  Another part of the Center's machining center is the wood shop.  The fully equipped woodshop features a revolutionary new saw stop table saw that protects the operator from injury from incidental contact with the blade.  The wood shop also includes a jointer, planner, sliding compound miter saw, sanding center and drill press.  The Center also has a milling machine, metal lathe and a horizontal metal cutting bandsaw.  The milling machined is used for fabricating wood composite test samples and various other milling operations.  The metal lathe is typically used for general metal fabrication for test fixtures and lab equipment.