Welcome from the President of the Graduate Student Body!

Greetings, and welcome to The University of Maine! Let me be among the first to formally and cordially welcome you to your home for the next several years. You have taken that crucial first step in furthering your education and have made a significant investment in your future! My name is Sam Belknap and, as President of the Graduate Student Government, I represent the interests of all graduate students to the University Administration, officials, faculty, staff and surrounding community.

The Graduate Student Government (known colloquially as the GSG) provides many resources and services for graduate students here at the University of Maine. We are proud of our grants program, allocating funds to graduate students for conference travel and other degree-related expenses. Our signature product, the Graduate Research Exposition (Grad Expo), strives to foster an environment rich in collaboration, where graduate students throughout campus are able to come together and present their research to their colleagues, classmates and the community. The Grad Expo is an excellent opportunity to present your work, learn something new, and to network with other creative and highly motivated graduate students.

Like any other Student Government in the country, we work tirelessly with the University Administration, officials, and various committees to not only best represent the interests of all graduate students, but also advocate for a better campus and graduate school experience, including, but not limited to lower fees, higher stipends, education and social events, health insurance coverage, and a better work environment for graduate studies and innovative research. While each of us come from unique backgrounds and different disciplines, we are all graduate students and we are all UMaine Black Bears! The GSG strives to provide a network addressing issues that impact graduate students here at UMaine, especially during times of transition like we are currently experiencing. Most importantly we hope to pave the way for future graduate students and ensure a bright and successful future for them here at UMaine!

At UMaine you are more than a graduate student, you are also part of a community. As President, and on behalf of the Graduate Student Government, I encourage each and every one of you to become involved on campus and in the community! A simple first step is to represent your degree program as a senator in the GSG.  It truly is a rewarding experience to both represent your Department or Program of Study, as well as your fellow graduate students in the GSG! The experiences and skills you acquire as a senator will help you in both your academic and professional pursuits. Meetings of the Graduate Student Government are held every two weeks and are open to the public! The schedule for the 2014-2015 school year can be found here. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself or any other member of the GSG. We are here for you and we would love to hear from you!

Best of luck in your graduate studies, best wishes to you in all your endeavors, and once again, welcome to the University of Maine! You truly are in a great place!

Samuel L. Belknap III

President, Graduate Student Government

Welcome from the Graduate School

The staff of the Graduate School extend their best wishes to all University of Maine graduate students for the upcoming academic year. Please drop by and visit us; we are located on the ground-level of Stodder Hall.

Dean and Associate Provost for Graduate Studies

Dan Sandweiss – (207) 581-3217


Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Scott Delcourt – (207) 581-3219

Graduate School Staff and Responsibilities

Coordinator of Graduate Services

Amaranta Ruiz-Nelson – (207) 581-3222

  • Graduate Assistant ‐ Fellowship appointments
    • Health insurance
    • Tuition
    • Parking permit applications
  • Review of Part-Time Temporary Faculty and Overload Teaching Agreements
  • Tentative thesis review
  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program coordinator
  • Staff assistant for the Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy program
  • Graduate School surveys/requests for data


Administrative Assistant II

Dottie Poisson – (207) 581-3217

  • Meeting scheduling (Dean &Associate Dean)
  • Events coordinator
  • Meeting coordination (Curriculum Committee, Executive Committee & Graduate Board)
  • Financial account manager
  • Final thesis review
  • Completion of graduate degree requirements
  • Edits to Graduate School catalog


Administrative Assistant I

Dianne Knight – (207) 581-3219

  • Graduate non‐degree applications
  • Graduate student registration
  • Course add/drop
  • Financial adjustments
  • Retro‐active course add/drop
  • Application fee processing
  • Office reception coordinator


Administrative Assistant I

Debbi Clemments – (207) 581-3221

  • Student/Department
    • admission letters, etc.
  • Meeting scheduling (Associate Dean)
  • Programs of Study
  • Graduate student information databases
  • Graduate Faculty appointments (ROQ’s)
  • Evaluation of graduate transfer credits
  • Financial documentation for international students
  • Office manager/student employee supervisor
  • ResLife Co‐Coordinator


Data Processing Coordinator

Jessica Ouellette – (207) 581-3220

  • Student applications & credentials
  • Updates of Checklists in MaineStreet
  • Maintenance of applications in MaineStreet
  • ImageNow office contact person
  • Communication with departments about students’ applications
  • Office reception
  • Back‐up for student registration
  • Student employee training coordinator



Crystal Burgess – (207) 581-3223

  • Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) project secretary
  • Website Maintenance
  • MaineStreet reporting
  • Office reception
  • ImageNow office contact person
  • NAGS assistant
  • ResLife Co‐Coordinator
  • Back‐up for Guest Housing


Faculty in Residence

Peter van Walsum – (207) 581-2226

  • Student activities/workshops


Graduate Assistant

Stephanie Wolfe – (603) 848-5776

  • Community Coordinator for Stodder Residents
  • Coordinator of the Graduate Student Center


Graduate Assistant

Sarah Snowe – (207) 581-3291

  • Office Reception
  • Coordinator for New Graduate Student and TA orientation
  • Student recruitment/admission marketing


Graduate Assistant

Denise Gianini – (207) 581-3291

  • Office Reception
  • Coordinator for New Graduate Student and TA orientation
  • Student recruitment/admission marketing