About Us

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) continues to nurture a long tradition of graduate students who join together in research, mutual academic concerns, and educational and social activities.

The GSG is the delegated governing unit for the graduate student body as pronounced by the University of Maine and the Board of Trustees (BOT). It is administered by an Executive Board of Officers elected each year. The GSG maintains a healthy, professional and working relationship with the University Administration in order to best serve the graduate student community and the University as a whole.


The Graduate Student Government is composed of Senators from various graduate departments and programs within the various colleges of the University of Maine. Dependent upon the particular department and program and the number of graduate students enrolled, each graduate department or program is encouraged to send at least one (1) graduate student to be a voting member of the GSG.

It is the mission of the GSG to support both the academic and non-academic activities of the graduate student body. Keeping with its mission, GSG will continue to perform the following duties: act as a liaison between the University of Maine’s Administration, faculty, staff and graduate students; encourage graduate students’ involvement in GSG activities and University functions; facilitate and encourage educational, professional and research activities of graduate students; disseminate information regarding graduate activities to graduate students, Administration, faculty, staff and the campus community as a whole; represent graduate student interests to the University community, the state of Maine, and national organizations.

The GSG meets every other week to discuss and vote on matters of policy, procedure and budget. These meetings are open to all graduate students. They are invited to not only attend these meetings, but also become more involved on campus and in the community! There are several committees within the GSG that bring together Senators to focus on a specific topic, including, but not limited to health insurance, services, and finance. The GSG has the ability to make a difference in all aspects and levels of the University of Maine, such as influencing University policy decisions, serving on University committees and sponsoring special services to graduate students.

Funding for Graduate Students

The primary responsibility of the Graduate Student Government is directed toward the academic concerns of graduate students. This includes grants reviews and awards processes each semester. This year, approximately $77,000 was awarded to graduate students for research, travel, conferences and other degree-related expenses. Since its inception, the GSG has awarded over $1,000,000 in grants. The GSG is able to provide funding for numerous graduate students and plan various social and educational events in most part due to the Graduate Student Activity Fee.

Graduate Student Recognition (Hooding) Ceremony

The Graduate Student Government was instrumental in initiating the Graduate Student Recognition (Hooding) Ceremony, which has become an annual event and an integral part of graduate education at the University of Maine.

Graduate Research Exposition (Grad Expo)

Each spring, the Graduate Student Government puts on the Graduate Research Exposition (Grad Expo) to showcase the best of graduate students’ research efforts and innovation. This year, there were 120 students who competed for almost $13,000 in awards.

Clubs and Organizations

The Graduate Student Government also sponsors over 20 clubs and organizations that benefit the graduate student body. If there’s a club or an organization not listed, but that you would like sponsored by the GSG, then think about starting up your own! It’s fun and easy!

Health Insurance

We advocate for better health insurance options and coverage for all graduate students, including graduate assistants (GAs), research assistants (RAs), teaching assistants (TAs), and graduate students who are not on assistantships.

How to Contact Us!

For more information, become a fan of the GSG on Facebook, follow the GSG on Twitter, or stop by Stodder Hall to say hello! We would love to hear from you! We hope to see you soon!

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