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Awards to be presented for the 2015 Graduate Student Exposition are outlined below.

You will receive more details about the Awards (eligibility and application process) with the confirmation of your participation.

We are continuing to add awards to this page as our conveners receive confirmation from award sponsors. Be sure to check back!

  • The Graduate Student Government Awards:

As sponsor of the Grad Expo, the GSG gives three awards in each Presentation Division. These awards are given based on the evaluations of the faculty and outside judges and are based on academic worthiness, excellence of the presentation and overall skill of the student in making their work understandable to a wide audience. The awards are $500 for first place, $250 for second and $100 for third.

  • President’s Research Impact Award:

The President’s Research Impact Award is given to the graduate student and advisor who best exemplify the University of Maine mission cornerstones of teaching, research and scholarship, and outreach. The $2000 Award will be shared equally between the student and the student’s advisor at the annual Grad Expo Award Ceremony.  Awardees will also receive a special mention at the Graduate Hooding and Recognition Ceremony.

Applicants for the President’s Research Impact Award must be a student presenter at the University of Maine Grad Expo and the student must apply separately to be eligible for the award. Grad Expo submissions are not automatically enrolled. Entries may be submitted in any accepted Grad Expo format (oral, poster, display) but must be accompanied by a 250-300 word statement by the student describing the work’s current or potential teaching, research, scholarship, and/or outreach impact on the quality of life and place in the State of Maine. In addition, the student’s advisor must submit a statement of up to 150 words supporting this impact.

Once a presenter has requested that their entry be considered for the award, the student and faculty member will receive an email acknowledgment of submission as well as a request and submission link for the two additional statements. If either statement is not submitted the work will not be judged for the award.

Submissions will be read by an Award Committee comprised of minimum of 3 graduate students and 3 faculty members who will recommend 3 finalists to the President and Cabinet who will then make the final decision.

  • Provost’s Innovative/Creative Teaching Award

Provost Jeffrey Hecker and the Graduate Student Government (GSG) announce a competition, to be judged at GradExpo, for M.S. & PhD candidates who are lead instructors for a course at UMaine and use innovative and creative teaching methods that bring the subject matter to life.

The candidate must:

Be currently enrolled in UMaine through May 2015

  1. Be instructor of record for course
  2. Submit a 250-300 word description of their work in the classroom, including evidence that  students are provided with an innovative and/or creative way to better understand the subject matter
  3. Provide a letter of support from a faculty member familiar with the student’s teaching

All candidates will be required to present a 15 minute presentation at Grad Expo showing their creative/innovative approach that will include a demonstration of the techniques used in the classroom to be considered for the award.  The Provost will designate judges to select the winner.

UPDATED November 13th, 2014