Intermedia & Fine Art

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Guidelines and Responsibilities for InterMedia, Live Performance & Fine Arts Exhibitions

Student Responsibility


Presenters are to:
  • Submit a complete application (including the Abstract) along with GradExpo 2014RegistrationForm Deadline Extended to Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.
  • Identify their faculty advisor.
  • Prepare their exhibit and presentation.
  • InterMedia & Fine Arts Presentations must install their exhibit from 07:00 – 08:45 a.m. Thursday, April 3, 2014 and remove their exhibit, as needed, Friday evening after 6:00 p.m.
  • Live Performance Presentations must be available for their scheduled time.
  • Be by at their exhibit at/for their assigned judging period to give their defense/performance.
  • Be with their exhibit as much as possible outside of the judging period.
  • Exhibit justifications & performance pieces, poetry readings, etc. should not be longer than 15 minutes, with a 2 minute question and answer period.

Faculty Sponsors

The faculty sponsors should verify that the proposed project:
  • Qualifies as research as defined by the faculty sponsor’s discipline.
  • Could be ready for presentation at the GradExpo.
  • Has followed the appropriate ethical guidelines.
  • Provide guidance to their student(s) about presenting a project. This would include feedback and recommendations about:
    • Format of their exhibit
    • Nature of their presentation.
  • Has a well written abstract prior to submission as it will appear in the Program Proceedings

General Information

Performance and Creative Work/Presentation Guidelines:
  • Performance and creative work presentations are similar to the activities expected at a professional (fine arts conference or festival).
  • Consult with your faculty sponsor to determine the most appropriate format for your presentation.
  • One possible format for the performance and creative work presentation is to provide a brief introduction or description of what the audience will experience.
  • Follow the introduction by highlighting what is significant or most interesting about your performance or creative work.
  • Live reading of an original work.
  • Summarize your key points of features in your conclusion. After the entire presentation is completed, allow a few minutes for questions.
Presentation Tips:
  • Outline the Introduction
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Revise your introduction and performance, if needed, to fit within the allotted time
  • If not a part of the performance, avoid distracting gestures and verbal miscues, such as saying “um”, “you know” or “cuz”; fumbling with keys, chewing gum, etc

If you have additional questions, please contact Robin Arnold on FirstClass  at