Individual Grants

Individual Grants

The Fall 2015 deadline for grant applications has passed.

If you missed our recent Grants Workshop, here is a copy of the presentation: Workshop Presentation.

The next Grants Workshop will be held within the first three weeks of the Spring 2016 Semester.

Application Instructions
Scoring rubric
Example MS Word Template for Fall 2015 Individual Grants
Departmental Eligibility

The specifics of whether your proposed use of funds is covered under a GSG grant are in the GSG Standing Rules, Section V. B. GSG Research Grants. I strongly advise that you also look at the application instructions for more detailed information. Each department must have a GSG representative attend at least 75% of the GSG Senate meetings during the current and previous semesters to qualify for funding. To find out the name of the representative of your department please refer to the 2013-2014 GSG representatives on our meetings page.

Applicants for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the semester(s) prior to the current grants cycle are required to submit an expense report with original receipts. These should be submitted before the grants application deadline.

Contact the GSG Grants Officer ( with any questions. Only answers from the GSG Grants Officer can be construed as a binding determination.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions and their respective answers are provided to help clarify the GSG grants process.
Individual Grants FAQs

Sample Grant Applications

Some sample, successful grant applications are listed below for your use. Be advised that these are only supplied as a reference and should not be considered a template for success.

Recent Applications

Older Applications

Other Sources of Funding

Some alternate funding sources are listed below. The listing of these sources doesn’t imply any sort of endorsement by GSG; other funding sources are also available, best learned about through your advisor or department.

Sample Expense Report

Sample Final Letter


Contact the GSG Grants Officer ( with any questions.


Last updated October 8. 2015