Adventures in Administration

Adventures in Administration

Obtaining a MaineCard

Student Service Center, Room 143, Memorial Union (Ground floor)
Phone: (207) 581-CARD (2273)

Your MaineCard is your primary means of identification on campus. It has many uses, including checking books out of the library, purchasing food on campus (hint: you do not have to pay tax at the Union if you pay from funds on your card!), accessing the Recreation and Fitness Center, and entering certain buildings. You can obtain your MaineCard in the Student Service Center in room 143 on the ground floor of the Memorial Union.

You need to bring a picture ID in order to confirm your identity. Save yourself some time by filling out the application online and bringing it with you. Funds can be added to your MaineCard at machines in the Union and library (cash only), at the Student Service Center, or online at the MaineCard website.

Registering for Classes

The Graduate School, 5755 Stodder Hall, Orono, ME  04469-5755
Phone: (207) 581-3291, Fax: (207) 581-3232
Online registration: (MaineStreet)

The first step in registering for classes is to talk to your advisor and discuss classes that are required or highly recommended for your degree. Your advisor will work with you in designing your official program of study.  There are a number of means of registering for classes. Some departments can register their own graduate students using the registration form – check with your departmental administrative assistant to see if this is an option for you.  You may register online via MaineStreet.  If you need a signature for a class, you will take your signed registration form to Dianne Knight in the Graduate School office in Stodder Hall. You may mail, fax, or deliver the form in person. After you are registered, you will receive a confirmation form, listing the courses for which you are signed up, in the mail.  Check the confirmation to make sure you got the classes you wanted, especially if there is limited seating in one or more of them.

Here are some general tips regarding class registration:

• An easy way to find out what courses are being offered is to search through MaineStreet

• Be sure to talk to other graduate students in your program for recommendations on the classes and professors to take, and how to survive the classes once you are in them.

• Many classes are offered every other year or on an irregular basis. Before deciding to wait on taking a class, make sure it will be offered again in the near future.

• If the course catalog says that permission is required to take a class, you must have the instructor (or your advisor) sign your registration form. You will not be able to sign up for the class using a R.A.N.

• Graduate classes typically do not fill up quickly but it is recommended that you sign up early for your classes. Sometimes classes may be canceled before the beginning of the semester if the registration is too low. If this happens, talk to the instructor teaching the class for options. If you register too late, there is a $100 late registration fee so make sure register on time.

Student Bills

Office of the Bursar, 5703 Alumni Hall, Room 100, Orono, Maine 04469-5703
Phone: (207) 581-1521, Fax: (207) 581-1474
Online account: (MaineStreet)

The Bursar in the Business Office of Alumni Hall maintains your financial account. If you are a Graduate Assistant, you typically receive a tuition waiver, but must still pay fees. The Unified fee covers miscellaneous university services and admission to athletic events. The RRC1 fee is a credit-based fee that allows all students to use the new recreational facility.  The Graduate Activity Fee is handled and dispersed entirely by the GSG – another good reason to get involved with GSG. Be careful to ensure that your bill is paid on time, as the deadline seems to creep up fast and the $100 late fee is no joke.  If you have financial support that has not been applied by time your bill is due, you need to inform the Bursar’s office to avoid the late fee.  Go to and select Student Center under Student Self-Service.  Next, select the Self Service link from the left-hand menu and choose Campus Finances from the expanded menu.  Next, select Anticipated Resources on the right hand side.  Choose the University of Maine by clicking on the Select button.  Follow the instructions on the next page to update your expected resources for each semester.

Grades and Course Schedule

Office of Student Records, 5781 Wingate Hall, Orono, Maine 04469-5781
Phone: (207) 581-1290, Fax: (207) 581-1314

MaineStreet ( offers more than just online course registration. It provides instant access to your schedule, grades, financial information, academic history, student bill, and more. Like everything else, you need an ID and PASSWORD to access MaineStreet. Your User ID is typically your name (firstname.lastname).  New students should have received letters detailing how to setup passwords.  If you have any problems with your MaineStreet account, drop by the IT Help Center in the basement of Shibles Hall.  If you need an official transcript, go to the Office of Student Records.


Parking & Transportation Services, 5702 DTAV Comm. Bldg.,
Orono, ME 04469-5702
Phone: (207) 581-4047

Parking permits can be purchased online or at the Student Service Center on the ground floor of the Memorial Union. If you are a Graduate Assistant or are on the university payroll, you may purchase a Staff permit that is valid for one calendar year and allows you to park in any lot except for red (Residents) lots. Otherwise, you must purchase a Commuter or Resident permit and park in the designated lots.  There is also a carpooling program.  Please refer to the Parking Services website for more information. Parking is a major headache on campus, so we recommend living close to campus or getting here early in the morning (before 8 am at least!) if you want to park close to your building. Otherwise there are often free spots at the far end of Alfond Arena, by the Steam Plant on College Avenue, or at the extreme end of the MCA lot. Check out the Parking Services web site for useful information, including current permit prices, announcements about parking changes, and to download a map of campus parking lots. There is a parking committee with one graduate student representative, who advocates for our interests in parking decisions. Ask your department’s GSG representative or stop by GSG meetings to keep up on the latest news.

Payroll Issues

University of Maine Payroll Office, 5717 Corbett Hall 120-124, Orono, ME 04469-5717
Phone: (207) 581-3700, Fax: (207) 581-2373

All graduate students who are paid by the university must go to the payroll office in 134 Corbett Hall to fill out a stack of paperwork. Residents of the U.S. need to bring either a picture ID and either a social security card or birth certificate; alternatively, you can bring your current passport in place of all of these. The paperwork for international students is even greater. You should bring your passport, visa, I20, social security card, and pretty much any paperwork you have related to your stay in this country.

Buying Your Books

The bookstore is located on the ground floor of the Memorial Union, and has a wide range of merchandise in addition to textbooks. The bookstore usually opens up the textbook section a few weeks before classes start.

The earlier you purchase your books, the better chance you have of finding used books at a reduced price and avoiding long lines. Do some comparison shopping before you buy – many of your books may be less expensive if ordered through a local area bookstore or the Internet, but you need to plan in advance.

If you want to return your books, you may receive a full refund during the first 15 days of the semester.  Otherwise you may attempt to sell them back at the end of the semester. If your book will be used the following semester, the bookstore will pay you half the price you paid. Books no longer in use at UM are bought back at the current wholesaler’s price (which can be as low as a few dollars for an expensive textbook). If your class will be offered again but not until next year, you may want to hold on to the book for a semester so you can get half-price for it.