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Indian National Report Activities 2006
January 2007

Prepared by: Rasik Ravindra

Indian ice coring program contributes to one of the most significant multi-national scientific initiative by the SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) called ITASE (International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition). The first ice core as part of the above project was retrieved near the Humboldt Mountains during the 25th IAE Summer. Since it is essential to have representative ice cores from the coastal region, it was proposed to collect two ice cores from the ice shelf region north of the Schirmacher Oasis.

drilling Accordingly, a surface convoy was launched from Maitri on 17th Nov 2006 at 09.00 hrs for transferring the drilling equipments, support facilities as well as personnel involved in the drilling operation. The convoy reached the proposed site at 20.30 hrs same day and after a reconnaissance field survey, the drilling site was selected at 70°11'57.4" South Lat and 12°27' 25.1" East Longitude . Three members of the joint NCAOR (National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research) –GSI (Geological Survey of India) scientific team (Thamban Meloth, P.K. Shrivastava and P. C. George) and three supporting members from Logistic Team namely E. Cutinha, D. Chakravarthy and Manoj Kumar remained at the drilling site and the remaining logistics team returned after the establishment of the drilling camp.

The detailed report on the drilling operation is given below:

Salient observations:

The first phase of drilling operation in the shelf was very successful with recovery of 75 m long ice core.
Both the scientific and logistic team provided excellent contribution and the team spirit among the members was remarkable.

India National Report from 2006