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Marine Sciences



SMS Seminar Series

Spring 2014

Fridays at 11:00 a.m. in 354 Aubert Hall




Speaker and Title


January 17

Dr. Bridie McGreavy, University of Maine, "Working the Tides: Building Collaborative Capacity in Frenchman Bay."

Teresa Johnson

January 24

Dr. Julie Koester, Mount Allison, Sackville, NB, "Finding Evidence of Molecular Evolution in Diatoms."

Susan Brawley

January 31

NO SEMINAR - Faculty Retreat


February 7

Dr. Samuel Laney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, "New Insight into Polar Phytoplankton through Autonomous Technologies."

Lee Karp-Boss

February 14

Dr. Michael M. Whitney, University of Connecticut,
"Loading, Mixing, and Transport of Organic Contaminants in Long Island Sound."

Brian Dzwonkowski

February 21

Dr. Brian Beal, University of Maine at Machias, "The Role of Tidal Height in the Growth and Survival of Soft-shell Clam Juveniles in Eastern and Southwestern Maine."

Susan Brawley

February 28

JOINT with Wildlife Ecology

Dr. Joseph Kunkel, University of New England & UMass Amherst, "An Apatite for Lobster."

Gayle Zydlewski

March 7 & 14



March 21

Dr. Kristina Cammen, Duke University, "Genome-wide Investigation of Adaptation to Harmful Algal Blooms in Bottlenose Dolphins."

David Townsend

March 28 Dr. Melissa Omand, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, "Eddy-Driven Subduction of Particulate Carbon during the North Atlantic Spring Bloom." Andrew Thomas
April 4 Dr. Lauren Mullineaux, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, "Larval Connectivity in a Deep-sea Vent Metacommunity." Pete Jumars & Carrier

April 11

Dr. Michael M. Whitney, UCONN, "Loading, Mixing, and Transport of Organic Contaminants in Long Island Sound."


Brian Dzwonkowski

April 18

Dr. Tal Ezer, Old Dominion University, "Climate Change, Ocean Dynamics and Uneven Sea Level Rise Along the U.S. East Coast."

Huijie Xue


April 25

Dr. Richard Langton, NOAA, "The Buccoo Reef Trust: A Story of Success and Failure for a Caribbean Marine NGO"

Gayle Zydlewski

May 2

Dr. John Wise, University of Southern Maine, "The Gulf of Mexico Oil Crisis, an Unprecedented Marine Toxicology Experiment: Insights From Whale Cells and Tissues."

Becky Van Beneden


For more information, contact

Gayle Zydlewski


Brian Dzwonkowski


SMS Seminar Series

Fall 2013

Fridays at 11:15 a.m. in 354 Aubert Hall



Speaker and Title


September 6

Dr. Anna Redden, Director, Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research, Acadia University, “Tracking Migratory Fish Movements in the Upper Bay of Fundy – Challenges and Revelations.”

Gayle Zydlewski

September 13

Dr. Deborah Steinberg, Professor of Marine Sciences, VIMS, “Zooplankton and Biogeochemical Cycling in the Changing Ecosystem of the West Antarctic Peninsula..”

Karen Stamieszkin

September 20

Dr. Áslaug Ásgeirdóttir, Associate Professor, Bates College, “The Political Economy of Ecosystem – Based Management and Marine Spatial Planning.”

Teresa Johnson

September 27

Dr. John Cannon, Sr. Meteorologist of the National ​Weather Service, Gray, ME, “Nor'easters, Battering Waves and Coastal Flooding in Maine.”

Huijie Xue

October 4

Dr. Victoria Braithwaite, Professor of Fisheries and Biology, Penn State, “Do Fish Feel Pain and Does it Matter.”

Ian Bricknell

October 11

Dr. Jon Hare, Fisheries Oceanographer, NOAA, “Climate Change and Marine Fisheries: Past, Present, and Future.”

Andrew Pershing

October 18

Dr. Kenneth Frank, Research Scientist, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, “The Evolving State of the Scotian Shelf Ecosystem.”

Jim Wilson

October 25

Dr. Lou Guillette, Professor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Univ. of South Carolina, “Aquatic Ecosystems and Sentinel Species - Monitors of Health and Disease”

Heather Hamlin

November 1

Dr. Yi Chao, Seatrec, Inc., The Next Generation Profiling Float Powered by Ocean Temperature Differences.”

Fei Chai

November 8 Dr. Kathy Mills, Research Scientist, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, “Adapting Fisheries Management to a Changing Climate.” Andrew Thomas
November 15 Dr. Erik Sperling, Post Doc., Harvard University, “Oxygen, Ecology, and the Cambrian Radiation of Animals.” Pete Jumars

November 22

Dr. James McCleave, School of Marine Sciences, UMaine, “The Status of the American Eel Fishery in the United States.”

Fei Chai

November 29





December 6

**Dr.  Martinez, Sr. Research Scientist, Bigelow, Marine viruses: diversity and ecological roles.”

With SBE

December 13

Dr. Greg Skomal, Massachusetts  Dept. of Fish and Game, “Jaws Revisited: New Insights Into the Ecology of the White Shark in the North Atlantic”

Noah Oppenheim


For more information, contact

Gayle Zydlewski


Brian Dzwonkowski


** Special Seminar




Marine Science

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