Guidelines for management of US ITASE follow a combination of WAIS and GISP2. The focal point within the US ITASE science community is the US ITASE Steering Committee. It is composed of a scientist-representative from relevant disciplines whose function is to promote US ITASE objectives throughout domestic and international communities.

Ultimate management of US ITASE will come from NSF/OPP and any other funding agencies. The US ITASE Steering Committee will not advise, recommend, or participate in funding decisions.

Ground-based sampling will be coordinated by a US ITASE Science Manage-ment Office (SMO). A considerably scaled-down version of GISP2 SMO is envisioned to be sufficient to provide an interactive focal point for coordination of science activities. Such an office will be necessary because ground-based sampling programs will not all be represented by a dedicated investigator, and the ground-based sampling experiments can be made considerably more efficient and scientifically productive with coordination.