US ITASE Products

In the process of addressing the objectives of US ITASE, several important products will result, namely:

1. Spatial arrays of environmental time-series needed to interpret the history of climate change (e.g., accumulation rate, temperature, atmospheric circulation) and change in atmospheric composition over the last ~200 years.

2. Synoptic reconstructions and interpretation of major atmospheric circulation features (e.g., ENSO, cyclogenesis).

3. Estimates of the modern contribution made to sea level by WAIS ice volume changes.

4. An environmental base map for WAIS that will be valuable for assessing natural variability and the influence of anthropogenic activity.

5. Information needed to interpret and correct ice dynamical influences and ice core properties on the 200-year ice cores to link proposed deep ice cores and identify sites for other ice cores that extend key climate change records to 1000-10,000 years and farther.

6. Ground truth for remote sensing experiments.

7. Information needed for evaluating atmosphere-snow transfer functions for purposes of broadening the scope of paleoclimate interpretations developed from ice cores.