Teachers Resources

Peggy Lewis is now a Gifted and Talented teacher for two middle schools in Ames, Iowa. Peggy spent 11 years teaching sixth grade at the William S. Cohen School in Bangor, Maine.  While there, she taught subjects across the curriculum in a semi-self contained classroom. She has a particular interest in middle level education, in part because she finds the teaching strategies of middle level education to be successful components of good teaching skills. 

Prior to this, Peggy taught grades five and six in California. Part of her teaching in California included working with Chapter I students and developing a program for gifted and talented students. She also taught grade six at a magnet school for gifted students. Sandwiched in between this, Peggy spent four years as an educational consultant for math and language arts, working in the private sector for a publishing company. She likes to think that the years as a consultant were her coaching years. She enjoyed getting into schools across the country to help teachers problem-solve and find ways to improve or grow as educators.

During this project in 2002 and 2003, Peggy was taking a break from teaching to help her family settle in following a move to Ames, Iowa. She was thrilled to be working with ITASE and to help bring the excitement of this science into the classroom. She followed the team in 2000 and 2001 in Bangor with her classes and understands how real the people and science become for students who are actively involved with real-world science application.

"Discovery Time" The Tribune, Ames, Iowa