Science and Implementation Plan


This document was prepared from the results of the international ITASE Workshop held in Cambridge, U.K. in August, 1996, together with excerpts from the US ITASE Workshop held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA in May 1996. The international ITASE Workshop held in Cambridge, U.K. in August, 1996 was partially supported by funds from IGBP PAGES. The venue for the meeting was supported by funds from SCAR. Special thanks to Mark Twickler and Berry Lyons for their assistance during the workshop, and Miranda Carver for ITASE data management and generation of some of the figures in this document. Some text and figures in this document were excerpted from the US ITASE Science and Implementation Plan with the permission of the US ITASE SSC. We acknowledge that the preparation of the US ITASE Science and Implementation Plan was supported by a grant from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Polar Programs.


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