Swedens flag Sweden National Report
Prepared by: Per Holmlund
email: Per.Holmund@natgeo.su.se

Swedish traverses contributing to ITASE

During this expedition we were performing shallow coring and depth soundings

Shallow core sites

75°07'S 4°00'W 20 m
74°16'S 0.37°E 10 m
75°00'S 2.0°E 20 m
75°02'S 1°49'E 10 m
75°45'S 1°44'W 10 m
76.0°S 3.0° 10 m
76°56'S 4°54'W 20 m
76°32'S 6°08'W 10 m


Traverse route

73°S 14°W
75°S 12°W
75°S 4°W
74°S 0.4°E
75°S 2°E
77°S 5°W
75°S 10°W



During this expedition we were performing a full ITASE programme which from our part meant shallow coring and snow radar measurements. Snow radar measurements were performed between all core sites.

Shallow cores

73°27'S 12°34'W 32
74°58'S 11°48'W 12+10
78°02'S 10°59'W 5 m
75°33'S 9°46'W 15 m
75°29'S 9°05'W 20 m
75°30'S 7°05'W 20 m
75°30'S 4°35'W 20
75°29'S 0°22'E 20 m
75°30'S 2°41'E 20 m
73°57'S 12°4'W 10 m
74°16'S 11°45'W 10 m
73°39'S 9°43'W 10 m
72°01'S 8°45'W 10 m
71°06'S 8°28'W 10 m

Traverse route

73°S 14°W
75°S 12°W
78°S 11.5°W
75.5°S 9.5°W
75.5°S 2.7°E
75°S 12°W
71°S 8.5°W


This was a collaboration between Norway, Sweden and Holland and it was organised by the Norwegians.

This year we did medium long coring and snow radar soundings. At the drill sites we did shallow coring and temperature measurements in a net. Weather stations were erected at the drill sites. Snow radar soundings were performed along all traverse routes.

Drill sites

76°00'S 8°03'W 133 m
73°06'S 13°09'W 103+105 m


Traverse route

72,5°S 16,6°W
73°S 14°W
75°S 12°W
76°S 8°W
and back again!

Planned Traverse

72,5°S 16,6°W
73°S 14°W
75°S 12°W
75°S 00°E-W (EPICA-DML)
Syowa station  


Stockholm May 24, 2002