Date: 12/03/03
Latitude: 87.67 degrees South
Longitude: 94.35 degrees East
Temperature: -24°C( -11°F)
Wind speed: 10 knots
Wind Chill: -35°C( -31°F)
Wind direction: not given
Elevation: 10,100 feet
Kilometers traveled: 245

Notes on daily life:
By Dan

Today was another hard day of shoveling and struggling. The harder sastrugi covered areas seem to be getting smaller and smaller, at the same time the flat, featureless deep sugary snow areas seem to go on forever.

After setting out this morning we drove into a nasty ‘sugar’ area. This sugar lasted for 20-30 miles and was uphill all the way (things are never easy in Antarctica). We struggled on, digging and re-digging, and could barely reach 3 mph for fear of spinning the tracks and bogging down the CATs. At the end of the day the last hour's drive brought us to an improved surface so we pulled over, ate dinner, and melted some water.