Date: 11/10/03
Latitude: 77 degrees, 51 minutes South
Longitude: 166 degrees 40 minutes East
Temperature: −16°C( 3°F)
Wind speed: 10 to 15 knots
Wind Chill: −27°C( −17°F)
Wind direction: Northeast
Elevation: not given
Kilometers traveled: 0

Notes on daily life:
By Dan Dixon reports from McMurdo

Tom and I have arrived in McMurdo safely. It was a bit of an ordeal though! Our first attemt was boomerang−ed due to a mechanical fault on the aircraft. Upon our return to N.Z. we hung out in the Clothing Distribution Center for a couple of hours and then tried again in another aircraft. We were successful the second time. The weather in Christchurch has been lovely for the last few days. we spent some time wandering around the city visiting the markets, galleries and museums. It was the first time that I had been inside the Canterbury Museum and it was excellent! We explored a recreation of old−time Christchurch and then looked around in the Antarctic exploration section. There were a lot of vehicles on display from previous traverses.

There has been a lot of Rugby−Mania over here as it is the quarter finals of the rugby world cup. New Zealand beat South Africa, France beat Ireland, England beat Wales, and Australia beat Scotland. N.Z. is due to play Australia and England is due to play France for the semi final... it is getting very exciting!!!

In the photo of Tom in the C141 below, he is putting ear plugs in his ears, not just making funny faces.

It is midnight on Monday right now and we are very tired. Time for bed I think.

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Dan climbs a tree at the Botanical Gardens   Tom at the Botanical Gardens   Old time Antarctic Traverse vehicle   Tractor at the museum   International Antarctic Center   Clothing storage at the Clothing Distribution Center   Dan in front of the C141   Tom inside the C141 getting ready for take-off   The C5 Galaxy   Arriving at McMurdo at last   Ivan the Terra Bus   McMurdo as seen from the sea ice.