Date: 11/29/03
Latitude: 90 degrees South
Longitude: 0 degrees East
Temperature: −35°C( −31°F)
Wind speed: 6 knots
Wind Chill: −46°C( −50°F)
Wind direction: Grid 087
Elevation: Not Given
Kilometers traveled: 0

Notes on daily life:
By Dan reports from Amundsen Scott South Pole Station:

Today was a holiday for the whole station. While walking around on Saturday morning I suddenly felt as if I was in another place! At first I could not figure it out, then it struck me, the whole station was silent. For the first time since my arrival many days ago, not a soul stirred, not a tractor roared, not a snowmobile buzzed, and there were no planes in sight. It was lovely to walk around and hear only the sound of your own footsteps on the crisp snow surface. It did not last too long though; by 10 or 11am people were up and about and several large machines were trundling around.

The South Pole cooks had their work cut out today. Lead by head chef 'Cookie' Jon Emanuel, the kitchen staff had to prepare and serve three separate sittings of Thanksgiving dinner back−to−back − no small task! When it came to the crunch everything ran smoothly and there was enough food and wine for everyone.

Prior to Thanksgiving dinner, the LGT crew had a small cheese− and wine−tasting 'open house' so that interested people could come and experience the traverse trains and living modules first hand. Thanks to Andrea's careful preparation it turned out to be very successful; the LGT open house drew in a large crowd.

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Open house   Waiting for Thanksgiving   Thanksgiving Table   Dan Thanksgiving
Tahnksgiving clean-up crew   Kitchen ready   Drill and boxes   Drill sled   Sledws ready