Date:   February 5, 2007
Location:   Orono, Maine, USA
Latitude:   44 degrees, 53 minutes, 30 seconds North
Longitude:   68 degrees, 40 minutes, 17 seconds East
Temperature:  −19°C (−2°F)
Wind Speed:   4.3 knots
Wind Chill:  −25°C (−13°F)
Elevation:  40 meters (132 feet)
Written by:  Dan D.
Kilometers Traveled 480
Meters of core drilled: 495

We last reported just as we were ready to leave the field.  Things have been very hectic since and now that we are all home, it is time for a wrap up. The Basler flew in to our camp on the morning of January 13th and flew back to McMurdo with a full load of cargo. Strong winds in the afternoon made the Basler’s return seem doubtful, but thankfully it did return and Brian, Mike, Joe, Lora, and I flew back to McMurdo safely. Rick, Cathy, Larry, Michele, and Brendon all returned to McMurdo on the 15th after closing up the camp during a particularly windy spell on the 14th.

There is always much to do and not much time to do it as you return from the field to McMurdo.  Equipment to return, reports to write and file, meetings, friends to say goodbye to, and the folks at McMurdo want to get you going on your way home as quickly as possible.

The trip to Christchurch was uneventful, and we only had about a day and half before catching our planes home.

This season presented us with many challenges, but we ultimately accomplished a lot of good science: