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Date:   November 11th, 2006
Location:   McMurdo Station
Latitude:   77 degrees, 51 minutes South
Longitude:   166 degrees, 40 minutes East
Temperature:   -15°C (5°F)
Wind Speed:   Not Given
Wind Chill:  Not Given
Elevation:   34 meters (112 feet)
Kilometers Traveled:   0
Written by:   Lora and Dan D.

Two more join the fray

Yesterday, while the 5 of us were at Crevasse School, Mike Waszkiewicz and Dan Breton arrived. Mike is an ice core driller from Edmonton, Canada. Mike is an expert ice driller and will operate the Eclipse three–inch ice core drill. Dan B. is a graduate student at the University of Maine where he studies physics. During the traverse he will be testing a density logger that he engineered to log centimeter–resolution density in snowpits and along ice cores.

Mike and Dan B. attended an in brief at the Chalet in the morning. After that, everyone helped to move the Eclipse three–inch ice drill boxes from the Science Cargo yard to the MEC so that the drill could warm up ready for assembly and testing. Mike had to attend a Snow School Refresher course in the afternoon, so everyone else concentrated on packing and labeling cargo ready for transport to Taylor Dome