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Date:   November 16th, 2006
Location:   McMurdo Station
Latitude:   77 degrees, 51 minutes South
Longitude:   166 degrees, 40 minutes East
Temperature:  −7°C (19°F)
Wind Speed:   9.5 knots
Wind Chill:   −14°C (8°F)
Elevation:   34 meters
Written by:   Dan D.

More new arrivals

Despite deteriorating weather conditions, the C17 flight from Christchurch to McMurd o managed to land safely. This adds two more members to our growing team here in Antarctica. TodayĂs new arrivals are Gordon Hamilton (PI and Co–Field Leader) and Paul Mayewski (also PI and Co-Field Leader), both from the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine. Their arrival couldnĂt have been more timely, as Rick, our Camp Manager and Chief Mechanic, is planning on returning to McMurdo this weekend to fabricate some hardware for the traverse trains and it will be a great opportunity to hold a planning meeting. Steve Arcone was supposed to be on the C17 flight but he stayed behind in Christchurch to buy new clothes (the airlines managed to lose all of his luggage)…

Paul, Gordon and Dan D. spent most of the day traveling around McMurdo meeting the heads of the numerous departments and catching up with what has been happening over the past two weeks. Dan B. continued working on his density logger and the rest of the crew is working hard at Taylor Dome.