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Date:   November 14th, 2006
Location:   McMurdo Station
Latitude:   77 degrees, 51 minutes South
Longitude:   166 degrees, 40 minutes East
Temperature:   -12.7°C (9°F)
Wind Speed:   Not given
Wind Chill:   Not given
Elevation:   34 meters
Written by:   Dan D.

Crew leaves for Taylor Dome

This morning, Andrei, Brian, Mike, Lora and Joe left for Taylor Dome. The flight went without a hitch and much of our science cargo arrived at Taylor Dome with them. Dan B. started his first day of Snow School and Dan D. spent the day in McMurdo finishing up last minute gear requests and cargo put–ins.

At 20:30 Brian called the Crary Lab office for a check-in using the Iridium phone. Everything seems to be fine at Taylor Dome, despite the strong winds and low temperatures.

Paul Mayewski and Steve Arcone arrived in Christchurch today after a long flight from the USA, Gordon Hamilton was supposed to arrive also, but for some reason his flight was cancelled. He will be delayed by one day.