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Lynn at South Pole StationLynn Peters
Albany, Oregon

Hi, my name is Lynn Peters. I will be returning for my third season with the ITASE traverse as the lead heavy equipment mechanic and will also share duties of driving and helping out in whatever capacity needed.

I am a long time resident of Albany, Oregon where I live with my wife Karen {an elementary teacher} and 3 children. I have worked 24 years for Morse Bros., a large construction and aggregate mining company, as a Caterpillar mechanic. Both my wife and my employer were gracious enough to grant me a 4-month leave of absence to participate in the Expedition.

The Peters familyI am excited to be able to make a contribution that helps the Science team do the work of understanding the changes in our atmosphere and our impact, past, present and future. Having children of my own makes me very aware of the legacy we leave our children and future generations.

Since my summers are so busy in my line of work I turned to winter and spring outdoor activities many years ago. The close proximity of the Cascade Mountains has allowed me to enjoy mountaineering, snow camping, alpine touring, cross-country and alpine skiing also.

Over the years I developed a keen interest in Antarctica by way of a large library of books that I collected on the expeditions that journeyed to the Continent of Ice. My interest led me to work my first season at the South Pole during the summer season of 98-99 as a heavy equipment mechanic in support of the construction of the new Pole Station. A great experience start to finish, I never tired of the immense beauty of the snow, ice and sky and can't wait to return.